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  1. Please download  and send Withdrawal form to us electronically to the fradishop@fradi.hu or via post to 1091, Budapest, Üllői út. 129, Fradi Shop. If you do not wish to use the Withdrawal form, please send us a clear withdrawal declaration to one of the contact details above.
  2. You can return the undamaged item in person to the Fradi Shop during opening hours (for details go to Contact menu) or visa post – we recommend using the original packaging if still intact – packed in a box, duck taped using any of the delivery services to Fradi Shop 1091, Budapest, Üllői út. 129. You can also place the filled-out Withdrawal form in the box of the returned item.
  3. Within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving the returned item, we will reimburse you for the full amount you have paid for your order (product price and shipping cost) in one amount.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the fradishop@fradi.hu email address. We will respond to your email within 24 (twenty-four) hours during weekdays.


Following the general commercial practice, the customer always bears the cost of returning an item. We can only accept and reimburse items that are undamaged.

As per our GTC, we are not able to accept, reimburse or exchange items in the following categories: personalized items (jerseys with unique name or number, engraved items etc.), perishable or items with short expiry date (food, alcohol etc.), items that are opened from their sealed packaging for health protection or hygiene reasons (face mask, deodorant, etc.)

For more information, please visit our website, and read our General Terms and Conditions document.





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